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Hybrid decentralized cryptocurrency exchange 
Join us and trade your favorite cryptocurrencies and tokens in a fast and secure way. We have fully paired Electroneum, Verge, Rupee, Electra and over 100+ ERC20 tokens with other crypto and fiat.
10% Bonus ends in:

5,603,961$ total received


1 EXN = 0.08 USD
Max Supply  : 90,000,000
From August 10th, 2018
To October 25th, 2018
70 M distribution Tokens
Week 1 and 2 : 35%
Week 3 and 4 : 25%
Week 5 and 6 : 15%
Week 7 and 8 : 5%
Week 9 and 10 : 0%
Welcome to Excoins.io Exchange


EXCOINS.io is a hybrid decentralized cryptocurrency exchange
Blockchain Built : Secure and immutable receipts accompany every transaction to ensure full transparency though the use of Blockchain tech.
Multi-Asset Trading : Peer to peer trading platform that allows individuals and institutions to trade between fiat, crypto and other digital assets.
Regulation Compliant : We are an established Dutch company that is in line with regulations and compliances. We won’t ever go down.
ICO launches : Deploy a smart contract in minutes. Add new and existing funds and trade them instantly on EXCOINS.io
Excoins.io exchange 

What are the benefits of using Excoins ?
We believe that anybody can make substantial profits in the cryptocurrency and digital asset market. This is exactly why we developed the best exchange with the most unique features.
Crypto Pool Trading

Our platform is capable of obtaining high trading volumes and generating substantial profits. Pool trading helps spread your risk while investing in the top 35 cryptocurrencies on the market.

Community Trading

Our platform provides users with the ability to upload their own smart contracts in order to participate in a very active and thriving smart contract community for trading and increased exposure.

Crypto Mining
Users will be granted the option of investing their funds in multiple mining pools. Mining pools operate on a constant, passive earning model. Returns on investments from our mining pools will be split amongst investors.
Investments Funds

Excoins.io exchange will offer its users fully managed investment funds. Generally, pools of small-sized companies or ICO’s. Additionally, users won’t need to second guess or go through hassles when deciding when to buy or sell.


Excoins Token
More than generic tokens

The tokens can be used to power transactions on a wide class of different assets which are all tradable on Excoins.io.

Crypto Fiat

Only Excoins tokenholders have the ability to trade between crypto and fiat (for example, BTC/EUR or ETH/USD) for maximum flexibility.

 Early access & profits

Tokenholders get the exclusivity to trade new listings up to 60 days earlier & receive profits.


Crypto Currencies
Holders Profits
Excoins Token sale
Excoins Token
Max Supply:
90,000,000 EXN
Hard Cap:
5,600,000 USD
Soft Cap:
800,000 USD
1 EXN = 0.08 USD
August 10 (9:00 AM)
October  25 (11:59 PM)
Profits distribution
  • 70% Tokens Holders
  • 20% Platform Servers
  • 10% Excoins Team
Token distribution
  • 70% Distributed to Community
  • 12% Reserved Funding
  • 9% Founders and Team
  • 3% Advisors
  • 6% “Bounty” campaign
Project Plan


AUG 2018
Pre-ICO launch
The launch of the first phase of the sale of Token
10th - August - 2018
SEP 2018
Start Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
The last phase of the sale of EXN ICO in case the project did not reach the Hardcap in the early stages.
OCT 2018
Start of EXCOINS.io development
Start programming the trading system for Excoins.io platform.
30th OCT 2018
Launch of EXCOINS.io exchange platform to the public
Launch Excoins.io exchange platform to trade in more than 40 digital coins.
NOV 2018
Launch of EXCOINS.io exchange Blockchain with
Investment Assets & Funds
DEC 2018
Start acquiring EU investment/e-money license

JAN 2019
Excoins.io IPO Listing in 15th - January 2018

Contact us for help : Support@excoins.io
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